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The Prince Edward Dog Park Association is a non-profit organization formed by a small group of dedicated dog owners who have worked hard to build a safe, fenced Dog Park in Prince Edward County and continue to work hard at maintaining it.

In 2006, a tract of land was donated in Picton's Delhi Park for the use of an off-leash dog park. In August 2011, the dog park construction came to an end, the ribbon was cut, the dogs were let loose and the Prince Edward Dog Park was officially born!

We can honestly say that, without the help of our Prince Edward Dog Park Committee, sponsors, and all of you who have particpated in our fundraising, there would be no dog park. Thank you!

See you at the park!


The Prince Edward Dog Park is located in Delhi Park -  Picton's largest  recreational greenspace. The double gate entrance is at the north east corner of the fenced area.


If you arrive at the park in your vehicle, there are two parking locations available for you to use:


Lalor Street Parking Lot


Enter Lalor St . off of York Street.  The lot is at the very end of the street. After parking, follow the wide trail to the park.  Motor vehicles are not permitted on the trails.  


Mary Street Parking Lot


At the south end of Elizabeth St.  

After parking, carefully make your way down the hill at the south end of the lot.


Although use of the dog park is free, donations to PEDPA are certainly welcome and can be made online using the PayPal button directly above.                    

If you'd prefer, you can make a cash donation to PEDPA in the special PEDPA donation boxes located at Books & Co. Main Street, Picton; Angry Birds Restaurant, Main Street, Picton; Prince Edward Animal Hospital, Loyalist Parkway; and at Pet Valu, Main Street, Picton (located in the Sobey's Plaza).              

For additional information, contact us at: princeedwarddogpark@gmail.com



(Please note that PEDPA is not currently listed as a registered charity and is therefore unable to issue tax receipts for donations.)

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BEWARE: The County Is A ''HOTSPOT'' For Ticks...

As the weather continues to warm, ticks are again becoming 'active'.  And while it’s true that not all ticks carry Lyme Disease, a bite from an infected black-legged (deer) tick can infect you with the disease. To date, the Lyme Disease bacteria has been identified in ticks within the Quinte Region including Prince Edward County and Belleville.


​The best prevention against Lyme Disease is ‘prevention’. When venturing into wooded or overgrown grassy areas, take the following steps to minimize the chance of a tick bite:  ​Wear closed-toe shoes, long-sleeved shirts, and pants. Pull your socks over your pant legs. Wear light-coloured clothes which allow you to spot ticks easier. Use an insect repellent containing DEET or Picaridin. Before re-entering your residence, do a full-body check for ticks on yourself and your children. 


Ticks attach themselves to the skin. Removing them within 24 to 48 hours prevents Lyme infection.


​Get into the habit of doing a thorough examination of your dog as well. A dog’s head, neck, and ears are prime tick hiding spots. Ticks are also drawn to the dark, moist areas of a dog’s body like the groin area.

The best way to remove a tick is to use clean, fine-tipped tweezers. Try to grasp the head as close to the skin as possible and slowly pull the tick straight out (do not twist, crush, or puncture). Wash the site of the bite with soap and warm water or disinfect with alcohol or hand sanitizer. 

Common signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease in humans include: fever, headache, muscle or joint pains, fatigue, and a skin rash, especially one that looks like a red bull's eye (the rash occurs in approximately 70-80% of infected individuals). You should seek medical attention for any tick bite that you believe has been attached to you for more than 24 hours.


Practicing 'prevention' on a daily basis should ensure both you and your dog have a wonderful 'tick-free' season.

Our Dog Park Thanks

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